Introducing Hydro Mobile: On-Demand Green Hydrogen Production Through Laser Ablation

Our revolutionary technology pilot is capable of producing

3,000 kg of 100% green hydrogen per station per day!

And best of all, we use waste that otherwise ends up in the landfills to do it !

We turn waste into 100 % green hydrogen!

  • No Wait Times

  • No Disruptions

  • 100 % Safe

  • Scalable

  • 99% Less Logistics

  • 99% Less Operations

  • 99% Less Costs

  • No Byproduct

  • No H2 Escapes

  • No Filtration

  • 100 % Green

  • Recycled & Scrap

  • Without Fossil Fuels

  • 3 X Zero CO2

On- Location, On- Demand

  • Remote operational and buildout costs and extensive logistics from your hydrogen production and achieve leanest operations possible

  • Produce and serve "just in time" where hydrogen is needed at the exact time the customer demands it

  • Stop worrying about energy requirements, location dependencies, transport, storage, and explosions

  • Reach million times more customers even in the most remote locations

  • Eliminate transport and storage and specialized equipment cost and risks of explosion and hydrogen escapes

  • Now there is no need for expensive cryogenic cooling storage

  • There is no risk of escapes, no blister cracking, no hydrogen damage to the equipment

  • Our technology is the safest method of hydrogen on the market today

  • It is the first technology that alleviates the emotional anxiety associated with hydrogen production, transport, and storage

  • There is no byproduct as a result of production and no required filtration

  • Hydrogen purity feasible for FCEV

  • No disposal, no filtration

Hydro- Mobile Pitch Deck

Hydro- Mobile One Pager

What is Next?

We Are Looking for Partners, Investors, Supporters.