Introducing Hydro Mobile: On-Demand Green Hydrogen Production Through Laser Ablation

Patent No 10,899,611

The Mission To Protect Environment

Our revolutionary technology pilot is capable of producing

3,000 kg of 100% green hydrogen per station per day!

And best of all, we use waste that otherwise ends up in the landfills to do it !

We turn waste into 100 % green hydrogen!

And it gets even better better:

  • No Wait Times

  • No Disruptions

  • 100 % Safe

  • Scalable

  • 99% Less Logistics

  • 99% Less Operations

  • 99% Less Costs

  • No Byproduct

  • No H2 Escapes

  • No Filtration

  • 100 % Green

  • Recycled & Scrap

  • Without Fossil Fuels

  • 3 X Zero CO2

On- Location, On- Demand

  • Remote operational and buildout costs and extensive logistics from your hydrogen production and achieve leanest operations possible

  • Produce and serve "just in time" where hydrogen is needed at the exact time the customer demands it

  • Stop worrying about energy requirements, location dependencies, transport, storage, and explosions

  • Reach million times more customers even in the most remote locations

By eliminating transport and storage, our technology not only eliminated their cost, but it also rids of risks of explosion during transport and storage.

Now there is no need for expensive equipment and cryogenic cooling storage.

There is no risk of escapes, no blister cracking, no hydrogen damage to the equipment.

Our technology is the safest method of hydrogen on the market today.

It is the first technology that alleviates the emotional anxiety associated with hydrogen production, transport, and storage.

In addition, there is no byproduct as a result of production and no required filtration.

Thus, yet again out technology removes the disposal costs, filtration costs and makes compliance with environmental and hydrogen regulations a breeze.

What is Next?

We Are Looking for Partners, Investors, Supporters.

  • 2021: We are piloting Hydro Mobile -our technology in stations that allow anyone to produce and sell green hydrogen on location on demand.

  • 2023: We are aim to offer stations capable of producing hydrogen , heat, and electricity.

  • 2025: We move the fuel production onboard vehicles, vessels, airplanes, and spaceships for fuel production on the go.