Today is the day when we are facing the true environmental disaster.  

What is the Global Warming?

> 80% Of The World’s Energy Comes From Fossil Fuels

Burning Fossil Fuels Emits Greenhouse Gases

Transport is responsible for approximately 13 % of total greenhouse gas emissions and, according to Greenpeace, can reach up to 50% of the total CO2 emissions by 2050.


140 M Tons Of Waste Landfilled Annually

Including 13.8 M Tons of Metals (US)

Waste Emits Greenhouse Gases

Landfill gas is a natural byproduct of the decomposition and is the 3rd largest source of methane emissions in the US and approximately equal to greenhouse emissions produced by 21.6 million cars.


Greenhouse Gases Contribute to Global Warming

The need to curve our footprint becomes urgent by a second as we watch floods, wildfires, and other disasters put towns, states, regions, and entire nations out of their homes and on their knees.

“The only thing that we can do is control what we do next [...]. No more talks, no more excuses” (Stevens, 2016)

We must curve our waste footprint! We must commit to green energy sources!

The climate crisis may make the human race a history and a story of the population that put their comfort and convenience first and failed to protect the very planet that provided their food and shelter for twenty-one centuries. Today is the day when we can take steps to make sure that no one in the future has to live through the environmental disasters we have caused by neglecting our environment. “The only meaningful and effective solutions to the climate crisis involve massive changes in human behavior and thinking” (^1, Gore, 2009). We have to start thinking about the future of the human race and planet Earth. We have to commit to alternative energy sources today!

We Can Save Our Environment Together!!

Our team is asking everyone for a commitment to green energy sources to ensure the present and future of Earth.

Supporting green energy sources is no longer the problem for future generations. It is a matter of survival for those living on Earth today. We urge everyone to support the alternative energy technologies, recycle, consume consciously, and use sustainably.

How Our Technology Helps To Solve Climate Crisis

Our green hydrogen production technology takes waste that otherwise ends up in the landfills and turns it into the green hydrogen, reducing greenhouse gases in three ways: 

1.  From 100 % green production with no emissions and byproducts:

100 % green production means no greenhouse gases are produced in making hydrogen, no byproducts are disposed into the environment, and minimal electricity is used for production.

2. From Usage as green Hydrogen produces no emissions when used:

Vehicles and vessels that burn hydrogen as fuel emit no greenhouse gases. The only byproduct produced when using hydrogen is environmentally safe water. 

3. From reducing the tons of waste that end up in the landfills:

Waste in landfills produces greenhouse gases that are very potent as a result of organic processes. Because we use scrap and recycled metals, our technology reduces the millions of tons of metals, alloys, and batteries that end up in landfills or machinery graveyards.