Welcome, We Are Thrilled To See You

Our Mission

Develop innovative solutions to turn energy green and keep the air clean

Vision Statement

Power global economies without harming people and the environment

Our Goal

Make green energy accessible and affordable

Incredible Things We Are Working On

In an effort to battle global warming and pollution, we are actively working on developing new renewable and sustainable energy sources. Read more about what we are doing here.

We are very excited to announce Hydro Mobile - the pilot of our technology in form of hydrogen fueling stations . Learn more about it here.

Filtration systems capable of protecting the people from viruses including COVID- 19 , in personal and professional settings. Learn more about it here.

Additional Reads

We Are Changing The World With

"The New World Energy team does an amazing job innovating and developing the solutions that solve today's global and most relevant problems, while striving to make the world a better place in everything they do. SCO Consulting Services cannot wait to see what they will innovate next."

“E Squared Energy is very excited to learn about New World Energy's advancements in green H2 refueling technology and their next evolution in economical green on-site and on-demand H2 production for refueling stations. We're looking ahead as to how this new technology may be deployed into our ZEV Fleet Mobility as a Service program and into the fleet refueling infrastructure of the future.“