New World Air: Anti-Viral Air Filtration

The Mission To Protect People

We are living through the Covid-19 outbreak and continue to observe the overcrowded hospitals and people being scared of exponential new cases being reported from all over the globe. If anything became apparent in the face of most recent events, it is that our society currently lacks the viral protection needed to face novel and existing viruses. We are left unprotected with the existing masks and filters, providing little to no safeguarding against microscopic viral particles.

As the news started reporting the first cases of the SARS-CoV outbreak, our team has started researching filtration solutions on the market, primarily in an attempt to protect our family members and selfishly ourselves. During January, February, and March 2020, our masterminds developed the first of its kind filtration system capable of not only catching but deactivating the viruses. It is a truly revolutionary technology that provides continuous active protection from viral particles.

New World Air Pitch Deck